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187 Visa RSMS [Regional Skilled Migration Scheme]

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187 Visa RSMS

The 187 Visa RSMS lets a skilled worker and family to live and work permanently in regional Australia.

When you are granted a 187 Visa (RSMS), this permanent residency visa will allow you and your family members to:

-live in Australia indefinitelycontact us - all australian visa
-have healthcare access via Medicare
-work and study in Australia
-be eligible to apply for Australian citizenship

Latest News on 187 Visa RSMS

New RSMS visa conditions will impose the aspiring migrants to live in country towns for about 5 years before they can move to the major cities. This Population Plan is to force new migrants to settle outside Sydney and Melbourne.

According to Alan Tudge, Cities and Population Minister, there has been a very rapid population growth in Sydney, Melbourne, and Southeast Queensland, hence the government has a game hinted at a plan to spread the migrant load.

Mr Tudge further said as the government wanted to give incentives for new migrants to settle into those smaller states and to some of the regions where they need more workers. These include South Australia Tasmania or elsewhere where they need more people so it supports the aspirations of those smaller estates as well as ease the pressure of Melbourne or Sydney.

Furthermore, he said that matching the skills of the new migrants with the skilled needed “in rural and regional Australia will be the key to the success of this approach.

This is especially because “there are regional areas that simply cannot get people to do the work available.”

He did mention that while there is congestion in Melbourne, Sydney, and Southeast Queensland, having a larger population also means a stronger economy and will give greater opportunities for Australians.

He also acknowledged that “there are benefits of a larger, more diverse population.”

The 187 Visa RSMS Regional Areas

-Northern Territory
-Western Australia -except Perth
-South Australia
-NSW -except Sydney, Wollongong, and Newcastle
-Australian Capital Territory
-Queensland -except the Gold Coast and Greater Brisbane
-Victoria – except Melbourne

To increase your chances of getting a 187 Visa RSMS, coordinate only with a Registered Migration Agent (RMA). An RMA will professionally guide you through the whole process of applying for migration to Australia.


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