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Visit Australia: Here are the Reasons Why You Should

Australia is not just a place to go see. It is a place that you will taste and feel. This beautiful country abounds in unspoiled wilderness areas, with a pristine coastline and World Heritage-listed national parks. The weather is warm and the beaches beckon. These are just a few of the many reasons to visit Australia.

But there is more to Australia than amazing landscapes and sunny beaches. Our coastal plains boast of elegant cities.

Melbourne Skyline Australia
Melbourne Skyline Australia

There is no smog nor serious pollution ─ just graceful buildings, set amongst picturesque parkland.

These cities are connected by modern roads that quickly take visitors to a myriad of exciting holiday destinations in the surrounding countryside.

Jacarandas Australia

These benefits come without the need to compromise on the luxuries of home. You can spend a day getting up close and personal with koalas and kangaroos ─ then go back to your hotel and catch a movie or go shopping in a department store.

koala encounter in Australia

So, despite being one of the most remote countries in the world, Australia is among the most popular places to visit ─ especially among backpackers and budget travelers. Or those looking for adventure tourism.

Twelve Apostles Victoria Australia
Twelve Apostles Victoria Australia

There are plenty of reasons to visit Australia for your next vacation. This blog will briefly outline ten such reasons. But in reality, this safe multicultural country has something to please everyone.

10 + 1001 Reasons To Visit Australia

1. Elegant Cities

Visit Asutralia Sydney Harbor
Sydney is undoubtedly our most iconic city. Famous for its opera house, bridge, and harbor, the city also has great parks, delicious food and lots of free stuff to do.

As the major international gateway, most overseas visitors come through Sydney. They are invariably captivated by its architecture, gardens, weather, and food.

Darling Harbour | Visit Australia

However, where time permits, there is much to see and do in Canberra, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, or the Gold Coast.

2. Food

Australia cuisine is as varied as our landscape. Migrants have brought the culinary traditions of more than 200 countries.

Combining multicultural food tastes with a boundless supply of fresh farm produce and seafood has produced a ‘fusion’ cuisine.

Our restaurants are internationally famous for so successfully coalescing European cooking styles with Asian flavours. Australians also love to enjoy outdoor meals on the barbeque.

One should never leave this Land from Down Under without having what Australia is famous for – steak! It is so good that there is specifically a term “Australian Steak” because the beef is top quality.

Australian Steak


3. Wine

Wine grapes were brought to Australia by the first settlers, in 1788.  Not having the same centuries-old traditions as European vineyards, Australian winemakers relied instead on scientific research.

Food and Wine | Visit Australia

This approach proved very successful in improving wine quality to among the best in the World.

Australia not only supplies its own domestic needs, but has also become the fifth largest exporter to the international wine market.

There is a lot of delicious wine to be tried while touring Australia; especially shiraz, cabernet sauvignon, pinot noir, riesling, and sauvignon blanc. You can go on wine tasting day trips from all major cities in the southern Australian states.

4. Nature and Landscapes

mist | rainforest Sydney

When you visit Australia and its rainforests, it’s best to explore their spectacular landscapes on foot. There are short treks for the uninitiated, but brave hearts can make longer treks through bushlands and rainforests, often arriving at picturesque remote beaches.

Bondi Beach | Visit Australia
Bondi Beach

One must-do walk is the Bondi to Coogee walk, along the Pacific coast.

5. Australian Wildlife

Australia’s wildlife is diverse – there are more than 140 species of marsupials, including kangaroos, koalas, wallabies, and wombats.

encounter with kangaroo in Australia

A very unique animal is the platypus ─ an egg-laying mammal with a bill like a duck, a furry waterproof body and webbed feet.

Australia also has a wild dog, called the dingo.

There are 800 bird species in Australia, most of which cannot be found anywhere else. They range from tiny honeyeaters to large, flightless emus and cassowaries, which stands nearly two meters tall.

rainbow lorikeet | birds in Australia

Another popular species is the fairy penguin, found on Kangaroo Island in South Australia and Philip
Island in Victoria.

6. Beautiful Beaches

Australia’s huge coastline stretches for nearly 37,000 km, creating more than 11,000 beaches in Australia ─ most of which are deserted.

Australian Beach

The sun in Australia shines more intensely, the clouds fly higher and sunsets are more purple.

Almost all of Australia’s cities and towns are situated on the coast, meaning that 85% of our population lives within an hour’s drive from a major beach.  Australian lifestyle would not be the same without our beautiful beaches.

7. Lush Rainforests

The Wet Tropics World Heritage rainforest is located on the coastal fringe of North Queensland, between Townsville and Cooktown, (meaning that it is adjacent to the northern half of the Great Barrier Reef).

This spectacular tropical rainforest dates back 130 million years, to the time of the dinosaurs! These forests contain an amazing diversity of flora and fauna, making it one of the natural wonders of the World.

Wet Tropics is unrivaled by any rainforest on the planet.  Tourists can explore the rainforest by riding the Kuranda Scenic Railway or the Skyrail Rainforest Cableway.

There are great places to go hiking, with lots of wildlife and some idyllic swimming holes.

huge waves in Australia


8. Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is a chain of islands and coral cays, straddling the Queensland coast from Bundaberg to Cape York Peninsula.

Great Barrier Reef Australia

The reef is 1,200 miles long and occupies an area of 120,000 square miles. You should hurry and visit while you still can because climate change is bleaching some of the coral of its rich colors.

However, the Reef still has an abundance of marine life. Divers will see vibrant coral, and beautiful
fish, along with turtles, dolphins, sharks, and whales.

9. Uluru and The Outback

Uluru, or Ayers Rock, is a massive sandstone rock formation in the heart of Australia’s Red Centre. Its awesome beauty is honored by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

Uluru Australia

Uluru began forming some 550 million years ago, and now stands 48 m (1,142 ft) high, with a total circumference of 9.4 km (5.8 mi).

The wind-blown cuts throughout the rock face make it look like a wave of sand rolling across the desert. During sunrise and sunset, the rock formation produces amazing shades of red and orange because of the iron in it.

10. Visit Australia for a Memorable Adventure

Australia water sports

Australia adventure tourism guarantees an adrenalin rush. Activities range from skydiving, white water rafting, hang gliding, conquering the Snowy mountains and swimming with wildlife.

Next time you plan a getaway, contact us to help you make this happen.  Make the most of your trip when you visit Australia and have enough fun memories to last a lifetime.



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